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Derrick Ashworth


Derrick Ashworth was born in Anderson , SC, but has lived in a myriad of places & situations.

His formative artistic years were spent admiring the works of Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, and M.C. Esher. It was during those early years that he brought brush to canvas to create his own brand of scenic art inspired by these artists as well as local artists he would befriend and work alongside. 

During his time living in Charleston, SC, was captivated by the scenery of the low country including marshlands and massive oak trees. He also experimented with different materials, paints and canvas to build the 'visional abstract' style he uses to this day.

A self-taught artist, he has returned to his hometown where his art can be seen at local businesses, art shows, and galleries throughout the Upstate.  

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