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Blight2Beauty Art Initiative

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Here is our opportunity to showcase beauty while we eliminate blight.

It's our opportunity to breathe hope into a space filled with uncertainty.

This is our opportunity to share our blessings

and perhaps inspire and touch a life. 


Our Plan

For some time now we've been dreaming about the best use of our old schoolhouse. We know it needs to serve the community but until we get to that point we need to make it a place that doesn't detract from our community. It is currently boarded up for security but unfortunately the sight of this simply undermines our intent. That is why we are teaming up with local artists in order to bring about a change. Our plan is to commission inspiring art installations to replace these tired old boards. Imagine a neighborhood filled with art that inspires, energizes, and encourages. Imagine what it would mean to a parent to be proud of the neighborhood they are raising their children in. Imagine what it would mean if you were able to be a part of such a transformation...

CBE Window Art Inspiration

CBE Window Art Inspiration

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Artist Spotlight

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