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Tammie Dargan


My name is Tammie Dargan. I have been an artist for 38 years beginning from an early age with bedroom murals. After moving up and down the east coast, I settled in Anderson. I enjoy working with creative and unusual mixed medias of all types. I love non-specific ideas with emphasis on intricate and underlying detailing. I am mostly self-taught through years and years of experimentation and solid enjoyment of trial and error. I have taken various classes and workshops that have helped round ideas and added new media.  


I create open-minded whimsy and provoke thought and continue leading the way of self-expression and feeling. I love unbridled focus on strong women, nature, and my own unique offering to owls. 


I just want to spread happiness and joy through my creations and listen for the small giggles and excitement through the eyes of other from my works with a wink to environmental awareness. 

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